Projection du film Sexile de Lázaro González's suivie d'une discussion avec le réalisateur

Projection du film Sexile de Lázaro González's suivie d'une discussion avec le réalisateur

"Sexile and the Task of Archi­ving Cuban Queer Diasporas"


Please join us on Novem­ber 14th 2022 for a scree­ning of Láza­ro González’s film Sexile and a film­ma­ker dis­cus­sion with the film­ma­ker mode­ra­ted by Dr. Zai­ra Zarza.


This event will take place in the York Amphi­theatre E.V. (EV 1.615) from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. The event is free to attend but RSVP is requi­red – done via this link. The audi­to­rium is wheel­chair acces­sible and the Concor­dia SGW Cam­pus is loca­ted at the Guy-Concor­dia metro sta­tion. This event is pre­sen­ted by Archi­ve/­Coun­ter-Archive.


Event Des­crip­tion : Film­ma­ker Láza­ro Gonzá­lez will reflect on his ongoing pro­cess of crea­ting a coun­ter-archive of the most signi­fi­cant migra­to­ry cri­sis to date in this hemis­phere : the Mariel Boat­lift. In his second fea­ture film, the docu­men­ta­rian addresses how this exo­dus was also a noto­rious queer migra­tion, ins­ti­ga­ted by the Cuban government's ins­ti­tu­tio­nal homo­pho­bia, and one that remains as a gap in the offi­cial his­to­ry of this Carib­bean island. As a living coun­ter-archive, Sexile uses cine­ma­to­gra­phic devices to represent the obli­vion of thou­sands of queer Cubans who were expel­led from their coun­try in 1980 and for­ced to reset­tle in the Uni­ted States. This hybrid research endea­vour also high­lights the extent to which the desi­red free­dom of Marie­li­tos was vexed by racism, homo­pho­bia, reset­tle­ment issues, and the AIDS epi­de­mic. For Gonzá­lez, making a film becomes more than a means to represent the uns­pea­kable, it is also a way of ques­tio­ning the unbea­rable trau­mas of being in sexile.


About Láza­ro González : 

Láza­ro Gonzá­lez is a Ph.D. can­di­date in Film & Media at UC Ber­ke­ley and an award-win­ning film­ma­ker. His areas of inter­est include queer cine­ma, non-fic­tion sto­ry­tel­ling, and Latin Ame­ri­can film and media pro­duc­tion. He holds a MA in Lite­ra­tures, Cultures, and Lan­guages from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Connec­ti­cut and a BA in Jour­na­lism from the School of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hava­na, and he gra­dua­ted from Inter­na­tio­nal Work­shops in the Inter­na­tio­nal School of Cine­ma in San Anto­nio de los Baños (Cuba), and the Sun­dance Docu­men­ta­ry Lab.


About Zai­ra Zarza : 

Zai­ra Zar­za is Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor at Uni­ver­si­té de Mont­réal. In 2015, she foun­ded Roots and Routes, an archi­val and cura­to­rial pro­ject that pro­motes film and media works by Cubans in the dia­spo­ra. Zar­za direc­ted the LASA Film Fes­ti­val in2019 and has wor­ked as a pro­gram­mer at the Toron­to (TIFF) and Car­ta­ge­na (FICCI) Film Fes­ti­vals. Her cur­rent research focuses on Carib­bean film eco­no­mies and Latinx-Cana­dian cinema.