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Publication of the book Un cinéma en mouvement

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Un cinéma en mouvement
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Un cinéma en mouvement
Portabilité des appareils et formes filmiques

Rethinking cinema, its history and its methods, by questioning the techniques and technologies that have accompanied it from the 19th century to our digital contemporaneity, is one of the goals of this book. It analyzes the joint evolution of devices and the new forms made possible by their uses and shows the importance of recognizing the notion of "portability" from a triple point of view: material, theoretical and formal. From the Lumière operators to smart phones, the portability generated by audiovisual capture devices is synonymous with a new experience of the world and its infinite components. It is through what is portable and mobile that we come closest to the texture of reality, itself made up of movements, vanishing lines and flows. Mobilizing researchers from various backgrounds, this collective brings together proposals that consider the vast network of imaginaries and practices of portability as a new way of apprehending reality, both yesterday and today.

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