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Publication of the book Impression, projection. Une histoire médiatique entre cinéma et journalisme

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The book was financed by the Laboratoire CinéMédias and is part of the GRAFIM publications.

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Cinema and the press have always had a lot of elective affinities, as well as competition. Their channels of diffusion and their platforms never cease to cross, from the filmed news of the beginning of the XXth century to the participative journalism of Web 2.0. Their materials and their language also experience hybridities and abundant exchanges, whether journalism invests small and large screens or cinema absorbs journalistic material. New cinematographic genres - such as the cinematographic reportage and the film-investigation -, and journalistic genres - such as the cinematographic criticism - were born. To these remediations are added the reciprocal representations, cinema having continually put journalism to the test, journalism having participated in the advent as well as in the institutionalization of cinema. Through alliances and rivalries, correspondences and contradictions, simultaneities and reversals, this volume thus proposes to explore the continual redefinition of our media and their identities.