Educational video intended for high school studens : Le rythme au cinéma

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Vidéo pédagogique : Le rythme au cinéma

Aimed at high school students, the educational video Le rythme au cinéma explains in simple but precise terms a few concepts about rhythm in cinema.

Through a montage that alternates between informative presentations and examples taken from the Quebec corpus, Caroline Martin, a researcher in film studies at the Laboratoire CinéMédias (Université de Montréal), explains how the different nuances of rhythm can be inscribed in a film depending on the filmmaker's intentions. This exploration includes the most fundamental cinematographic notions, such as  shots, editing, photograms, etc.

A pedagogical file completes the video and provides the teacher with additional material to deepen and evaluate the students' new knowledge (interactive questionnaire, additional resources, list of references, technical sheets of the films under study).

This video is presented by the Observatoire du cinéma au Québec (OCQ) and the Laboratoire CinéMédias. It was produced as part of the Connexion request, entitled Au rythme de nos écrans : études cinématographiques, éducation aux médias et recherches intersectorielles en contexte québécois, thanks to the financial support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) granted to André Gaudreault and Santiago Hidalgo, professors in the Département d'histoire de l'art et d'études cinématographiques at the Université de Montréal.