Article in UdeM Nouvelles - Santiago Hidalgo : mettre le cinéma au service de la science

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Santiago Hidalgo: mettre le cinéma au service de la science, by Virginie Soffer, February 21th, 2023.

"Blood gushes down his swollen face from numerous blows. The boxer wants to keep fighting. No one can stop him. Not even his son who is watching him, frightened. The camera alternates between the boxers' blows, the spectators' glances and that of this little child confronted with his father's mortality. This short scene from the film The Champ has been used in many psychological studies to provoke a state of sadness in participants in less than five minutes.

This state of consciousness created by cinema, as well as the many other effects that a film can have on a viewer, is what fascinates Santiago Hidalgo, director of the CinéMédias Laboratory at the Université de Montréal and a new professor in the Department of Art History and Film Studies at UdeM." (translation by Labo CinéMédias)

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