Nouvelles Vues issue 21 "Mauvais genres" published

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The Nouvelles Vues team is proud to announce the publication of issue 21 of the magazine, "Mauvais genres".

This new issue, edited by Louis Pelletier, brings together varied and fascinating contributions by Germain Lacasse, Sébastien Hudon, Marie Fallon, Sacha Lebel, Éric Falardeau and Dominique Pelletier on a wide range of cinematographic productions that have long been devalued: religious, amateur or government cinema, popular comedies and pornography.

The issue also features a round table on bad genres with Simon Chénier, David Fortin, Eva Létourneau, Mathieu Li-Goyette and Francis Ouellette, a special feature on Miron: un homme revenu d'en dehors du monde by Chun-yi Kuo, and book reviews by Éric Thouvenel, Pierre-Alexandre Fradet and Baptiste Creps.

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